Getting started can be easy

(We all feel like Beginners most of the time - it's how we keep learning!)



The most commonly asked questions by both beginners and experienced students alike. There are no silly questions, so if you still have some after reading this page, please contact us and ask!


We have a six week course just for you and we even give you your own mat!

It's the best way to get started and ensure you fast track getting comfortable on your mat. By the end of the course, you'll be ready to join our regular Yoga Flow or Power Flow classes.


Flow into regular classes anytime, even as a beginner - tell the teacher you're new to yoga. Slow Flow classes give you more time to move between poses, but even a Power Flow class can be okay for a beginner with some fitness.

Remember to work gently and modify poses if you need to so that you don't overstretch. If you have any questions after class, the teacher will be happy to help you.